Saturday, May 4, 2013

i'm officially a baker...

assalamualaikum...hehheheh.sekarang kite dh pandai buat kek.tapi kek coklat je la.jgn tnye mcm mne aku buat.nnt korg gelak.actually, the cake is for ayu for her belated birthday.sorry ayu, lambat celebrate,ketika itu,kite semua busy nak exam kn.kekkekke.whatever it is,happy birthday and i hope we together can be a good dentists.walaupn aku tak pernah mengucapkan kata sayang tapi dalam hati ni, aku je tau.hehehhehehhe.malu la pule brjiwang2 basically nothing special for this week.except for the stressful carving class and the PRU 13.i'm 21 now but i haven't register so i cant vote.but seriously i think when the time comes i still dont know who to can i vote a leader if i dont know nothing about him/her. i dont know if i can trust any sources like internet, magazine, or even news.and obviously i cant trust what others tell me.i think i only can believe if i saw it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ear.and obviously it can never howww???? orang cakap kalau tak mengundi itu dosa dan kalau mengundi pemimpin yg berbuat dosa spt rasuah dn sebagainya pn dosa.jadi apa yg patut saya lakukn.lemang said 'lagi lima tahun nanti ko mesti tau nk vote sape' but i dont think so.i think thats why most people dont vote because they dont know which one to vote.

but this PRU 13 just bring misery than peace.both party fight not with words but physically shouldnt be like that.layakkah negara kite dipanggil negara demokrasi tetapi dalam pemilihan itu rakyat bergaduh mcm orang yg tidak berpendidikan? and of course msia is not a peace country anymore with all the fight and so i hope a good and better leader will win and stop all this thing and bring a better future for me and for msia.and i hope by the time i can officially vote all this thing will not happen and a clean, peace general election will happen.INSYAALLAH.

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